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These days, there is a focus on eating healthy. It’s shown in dedication to checking ingredient labels and shying away from food products that are made with chemicals and other questionable ingredients.

Molly's Creole Kitchen is the leading maker of organic dill pickles in Suisun City, CA. Our pickles are made from fresh organically sourced products. We support our area's farmers by purchasing locally. And no additives mean there's nothing on our ingredients labels that you can't pronounce.

When you see a label, and it contains a list of words that don’t look like English, maybe it’s a good idea to look elsewhere for food that is good to eat and good for you as well. We know that you want to be healthy and want the same thing for your family. It’s what we want for you and all of our customers as well, and it’s why we produce organic dill pickles that we are proud to put our name on.

The Classics

Some flavors never go out of style. They are traditional, but they are also just as loved and savored today as they’ve always been. You can easily think of examples and find some of the best ones here.

We offer classic dill pickles in spicy or mild flavorings and also have relish in dill or sweet, seasoned with organically grown herbs. We can also make specialty pickles and invite you to contact us for details.

Pickles have an extraordinary impact on the taste buds. They can be zesty and robust, or more subtle and pack a more low-key punch while still delivering a wow all their own. If you have a craving for a variety of pickles that you can’t seem to find anywhere else, look no further than our kitchen. We’ll be happy to make them for you.

Low Sodium

Many people love our canned tomatoes that have absolutely no sodium. A 16 oz. size of canned tomatoes or pickles is $5.00 and the 32 oz. size is $8.00. We also have salsa and Pico de gallo in 32 oz. size for $8.00.

3 Pickles, Salsas...and more

Dill Pickles Mild or Spicy 16oz $5.50 | 32oz $8.50
Relish Sweet or Dill 8oz $6 | 16oz $7.50
Salsa Mild or Spicy 16oz $6 | 32 oz $10
Pico De Gallo 16oz $6 or 32oz $10
Rosemary-Basil Sun-Dried Tomatoes 8oz $7.75 | 16oz $10
Lemon Cucumber Dill Relish 8oz $4.50 | 16oz $7.50
Lemon Cucumber Slicers 8oz $4.50 | 16oz $7.50 
Pickled Asparagus 16oz $6 | 32oz $10
Pickled Beets 16oz $6.50 
Pickled Peppers 32oz $10
Chow Chow 16oz $6.50 | 32-oz $10

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Bottle of Dried Tomatoes | Organic Dill Pickles - Suisun City, CA Bowl of Dried Tomatoes | Organic Dill Pickles - Suisun City, CA

8 ounce of Dried Tomatoes | Organic Dill Pickles - Suisun City, CA Pickles Pickled Asparagus